Our projects represented in videos

Our projects represented in videos

The welding services provided during construction of a mall. Latvia, 2023.

Project Description

We finished the large project, 3 weeks of the intensive and highly professional works of two welders on the site.


Our client was a construction company that needed the extensive welding works in accordance with requirements of EU and Latvia.


Our company provided the highly skilled welders and their qualification we confirmed with the corresponding international certificates.

EN ISO 9606-1 111 T/P FW FM1 B t04/t10 D48.3 PH ml.

We had to do large scope of works including welding of the concrete columns and concrete beams to each other as well as many other metal connections. The beams and columns have special embedded metal elements, which shall be welded via attaching special plate to join the beams and columns.


In general, we made about 200 such connections. Each connection is 40 cm vertical seam welded using an electrode. So it is 80 m welding seam.

In addition, the most of the welding joints were located at height 4-5 meters, so to reach them we needed to use the scaffolds and lifting mechanisms and in special cases, we needed to apply the industrial climbing.


It should be notified, that in addition to confirmation of welder’s qualification, we confirmed the suitability and quality of the applied materials.


We prepared and provided the corresponding certificates.

Quality of the welding joints and welder’s qualification were controlled by unexpected on-site in-process inspections.


Production of the construction elements for a stairs made of the concrete. Latvia, Klapkalnciems, 2023.

Project Description

Hereby we present our services provided for a construction company. We prepared the special elements to be used for construction of the stairs made of the concrete.

Some elements were ordered and cut with a laser. Production was performed in a shop including the mechanical works, semi-automatic welding and seam cleaning.

Please remember, that we propose production of the constructional metal elements of any complexity and dimensions. The semi-automatic welding (MIG/MAG), manual metal arc welding (MMA) and tungsten inert gas welding.

Welding of trampoline park. Latvia, Riga, 2024.

Reinforcing the old metal structure, adding basketball hoop anchors, and installing a new basketball hoop. Latvia, Riga, 2023.

Provision of welding services for the creation of a prototype vehicle. TIG welding. The project of the famous sculptor (ĢIRTS BURVIS). Latvia, Jekabpils, 2023.

Manufacturing of metal gratings for the basement.
Latvia, 2023.

Production and installation of a patio. Latvia, Riga, 2023.

Project Description

One of our business directions include production and installation of the metal structures of any complexity. In this case, we produced and installed the patio and our efforts were successful. 

This is the bolted modular structure. It is made from the shaped pipe 60x60 mm. with possibility of height adjustment.

The fitter’s and welding works were performed in a shop. As well, our company made the concrete casting of a base for the feet. The structure is primed with the epoxy primer and pained with the powder paint.

The roof is covered with a toned polycarbonate.

Making and replacement of a structure of a conveyor to pack the fertilizers. Latvia, Iecava, 2023.

Project Description

Making and replacement of a structure of a conveyor to pack the fertilizers. Latvia, Iecava, 2023.

In scope of this project, we had to replace all existing structures as they were damaged and posed a threat for the personnel.

This project was really difficult and required 4 months.

All works our company performed using own resources.

Professional design.

Calculation and ordering metal.

Sawing, drilling and the fitter’s works.

Structure installation and welding in a shop.

Installation and welding of the special hopper made of stainless steel. (We can propose semi-automatic welding in a shop and metal arc welding on site).

Painting of a structure.

Delivery of structure to a site.

Careful dismantling of all equipment, automation and other mechanisms from the old structure.

Disconnection of the structure and equipment from electricity.

Complete dismantling of the old structure.

Installation of a new structure.

Creation of the up-to-date and reliable fasteners for the automation and equipment.

Installation and adjustment of the packaging equipment.

Connection to the power mains, adjustment of automatics, equipment and all mechanisms.

Production and installation of the supplementary structures of the boiler house and the pipeline. Germany, Lauchhammer, 2023.

Welding services for installation of the supplementary structures of the boiler house and pipelines. Germany, Lauchhammer, 2023.

Production and installation of a fencing and a gate. Latvia, Bukulti, 2021.

TIG welding for the small parts.